Killer Tips on Selling Your House Fast – No Need to Allow a Real Estate Agent to Take All the Profit

Do you remember a few years ago when it felt great to be a homeowner? The housing market was booming and no doubt your property was increasing in value as every month or year went by. You had no worries about selling your house fast. Perhaps, you were even waiting until your property value was at such a level that you could no longer ignore the dollar signs!

Then boom! The bubble burst. Prices have been steadily decreasing over the last 2 years and you are now wondering if you will actually have any equity left in your property. There comes a time when you have to move on. This article will provide you with tips on Sell My Chattanooga House Fast and how to get the most profit out of your sale.

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Whenever you are usually looking to sell your home, the first thing you do is contact a real estate agent. Obviously this is their area of expertise and you are “paying” them to get potential buyers in front of your house. However, you can sell your property just as quickly by doing it yourself. Did you know that you would usually need to hand over up to 7% as an agent fee after selling your home? Just to put some figures in front of you, that would be $14,000 you would need to hand over once your home sold for $200,000!

The main advantage that an agent holds over you is that they know the comparable prices of property in your area and they know how to advertise and market your home. It is not particularly difficult to do these things yourself.

If you need to find out an approximate value of your home, this will involve some simple market research. Look at homes for sale on the internet. Compare the properties to your own. Look for adverts in your local area and see if anyone is holding an open house and then go and check it out. You could even visit a real estate agent as a “prospective buyer”!

As for advertising, rather than losing a huge chunk of your profits, there are many companies that will list your home for sale on MLS for a small fee. Once again, a simple internet search will open your eyes to this. You can also use free classified advertising sites, such as craigslist.  Advertising on eBay is another option. Just these two sites alone can get you millions of viewers a month!

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