How to Make Easy Money Selling Tradelines

Remember hearing this old advice? “As your kids get older, add them to your credit cards as an authorized user to get started with their achievement.”

This credit-building strategy actually works and now there are ways to pay people to do the same thing if other people want to create their credit profile. Continue reading to find out how it works and why some people are making thousands of dollars by selling their Authorized User (AU) tradelines.

Is selling Tradelines actually a side jig of $ 1000 per hour?

Trading transactions are referred to as “$1,000 per hour” on a number of reputable websites, but is that true?

Technically, the answer is yes, but let’s explain further.

First, commissions are sold at around AU 50 to AU 350 per AU spot. The older the credit card, the higher the commission

AU has only two months, so turnover is relatively frequent. On average, we typically allow our credit partners to sell two such spots on a credit card every two months.

5 Simple Steps to Sell Tradelines | SMALL BUSINESS CEO

The reason the wage works for these four hours is that this gig does not take time to work.

Once you log in to your account Once you become familiar with adding and deleting, you’ll be able to add someone in one minute and remove someone in 30 seconds, as often only a mouse click is required. Several banks allow you to add an AU online and then you have to remove the AU for removal.

That said, let’s just assume that it takes two minutes to add an AU, and two minutes to remove an AU minimum commission is around $150 per spot. If you are doing the maths, earning $150 in four minutes of labor comes at an hourly wage of roughly $2,250 per hour. only for fun, a $350 commission works bent be approximately $5,250 per hour supported time worked.

Are There Risks to Selling Tradelines?

Yes, there are some risks to selling a tradeline. The main risk is the possibility of your credit card being terminated. We estimate a 1-5% chance of your card closing depending on the number of banks and authorized users (AU) spots you have sold over a period of time.

The good news is that you have control over how much you sell at AU Spot. If you have been selling your AU spots continuously throughout each cycle, you can always choose to rest your cards by stopping your account during the sale.

The key here is not to be greedy by adding too much AU too soon and deleting it. You want your accounts to be open so you can stay in the game longer.

Why Isn’t Everyone Selling Tradelines?

The Tradelines sales business has been picking “underground” for many years. Knowledge of this option largely depends on word of mouth through the specific niche community.

It takes a very unique kind of person who has created great credit, has multiple great credit lines, and is willing to share that credit for money. This triple of qualities is extremely rare, so if the target population is relatively small, it does not make sense to broadcast this opportunity to the general public.

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